Thursday, August 13, 2009

33+ Mind Blowing New Examples Of Typography

Today Spooky Designer presents before you a fresh collection of typography arts. Have a look at these awesome, inspiring artworks that would definitely loved by you.

A note to the readers:

If you want to know about the source of these images click on the image itself. Feel free to share any suggestions/appreciation via comments.
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  1. Being a tutorial junkie, I sure would love to know how some of those artists made those. ;-)

    Regardless, a nice collection; thanks for sharing!

  2. Greg, You will surely find great resources of really awesome photoshop tuts on this blog shortly in near future. Thanks

  3. great list of typography works here! and thanks for using my own wallpaper design :D

  4. Thanks for including my work (8th from top). It's in good company.

    I put up a post on my site in response listing my some of my favorite typography-as-art pieces.